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Restoring Hope through Exercise, Education and Caregiver`s Support
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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission
Carelife is dedicated to helping older adults optimize their day to day function and improving their quality of life.

Our Values
- We believe our clients are our highest priority and we   continuously strive to nurture and grow our relationship
- We believe that a general exercise program that is simple and   safe to follow can be beneficial and create an atmosphere of   wellness and hope
- We encourage our client's right to self reliance in whatever   ways possible
- We believe in respecting our elders and treating them with   courtesy, dignity and compassion
- We respect the cultural differences and uniqueness of our   clients and their loved ones
- We demonstrate patience, understanding and empathy at all   times
- We seek to provide quality service and the highest level of   customer service
- We value our caregivers as our most important resource
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